Vietnam Ho Lim Festival

The Vietnamese festival, the Ho Lim Festival, is a singing festival held two weeks after the New Year. It takes place in Lim, in north Vietn [...]

Germany Saint Martin’s Day

Saint Martin’s Day occurs on November 11th each year. It is a festival to celebrate the end of harvest and the beginning of winter. Th [...]

Colombia Semena Santa

this is the most important festival in Colombia. Celebrations in the week are full of cheer and happiness. The date is decided by the cathol [...]

Germany Fasching

Fasching is a Catholic festival that marks the start of Lent, the forty days Jesus spent in the wilderness. In Germany, there are parades, p [...]

Pesakh Festival in Israel

Pesakh is a festival that takes place at Israel. This festival is also called Passover. The Jews remember and celebrate their freedom from s [...]


The festival is called La Virgin del Carmen. This festival starts July 16 in any year. The festival has a big feast. The feast has many Chi [...]

Guatemala Christmas

Most Guatemalans plan and build, with the entire family, a Nativity Scene called a “Nacimiento’’ or “Belen’’. They do th [...]

Brazilian Carnival

For a couple day in February or March in Brazil people forget about their worries rich or poor. A lot of people get together and party.  Br [...]

Divali – The Festival of Lights

Why: This festival is held in the honor of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. What: Divali is a festival celebrating the n [...]

Tibet`s Religion

The Tibet’s main religion is Buddhism. The other religion is Bon. Bon was the first Tibet religion. Buddhism was founded over 2,500 ye [...]

Haiti Easter Sunday Fair

The fair is at the park nearby, where children go on rides and eat fresco and many other goodies. The best of all is the raffles. Raffles ar [...]

Argentina La Pascua

La Pascua is the name of Easter in Spanish in Argentina. The Easter celebration begins on Palm Sunday in Argentina. On Easter “La Pas [...]

Christmas in Brazil

In Brazil Christmas Is In the summer time, but It’s on the same date December 25. Brazil shares quite a few traditions  with North [...]

Puerto Rico Los Inocentes Ross

In Puerto Rico the Christmas holiday celebrates not just  the birth of Jesus, but other things that happened in the time that Jesus was bor [...]
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