The Fake Story Ch. 2

I was about to sit next to her but then she burnt the bench with her cigarette, where I was about to SIT!!! Then the bus driver screamed at her and kicked her out of the bus! All I was thinking about in my head was if I was going to make any friends or, I would be a loner for the rest of the year! The b us started moving so I just sat on any empty bench I saw.

I finally got to the high school, all I could see in my little blue eyes is a big building falling apart. I couldn’t even believe that I was going to that high school! I got off the old bus and walked into St-Mark. I walked in and it looked super…

Edublog Nominations

Best New Student Blog The thing that I like about Neil’s blog is that he varies and always has different post that he publishes. My favorite post is the “Drop everything and read” post because it attracted my attention and made me read the post with my complete attention on it.


Best Student Blog Corey’s blog is a blog that talks about sports and recent stuff. My favorite post on Corey’s blog is “My top ten hockey players because when I saw that post I couldn’t help myself from looking at it and looking at the top ten list.